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The Old Swan
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Clinic Address

The Park Surgery
Old Tetbury Road


Tel 01453 731537
 Mobile 07960157077
video and phone also available


Mon & Wed – Home Address
Tues & Fri – Park Surgery
Thurs & Weekends – not available

What is homeopathy and How can I help you?

How can I help you?

My patients tend to be looking for a new way to improve their health and feel better.

Often they have tried other things and I am a last resort…

You might be disappointed that you are continually ‘going down with things’ and want to boost your immune system?  I can help.

Perhaps you feel anxious or depressed and don’t fancy counselling or antidepressants?  I can definitely help.

Perhaps you know you haven’t felt well for a long time since something happened in your life?   I can help you heal this.

Repeated infections like tonsillitis or cystitis keep returning despite plenty of antibiotics?  We need to strengthen your health so this stops happening and I can help you do this.

Maybe you have been told that you have to put up with symptoms or that nothing can be done? Well that is not always the case and often I can help.

Perhaps you have coped with a chronic health condition for many years and would like to be able to reduce your regular medication with the addition of a natural approach. I can help you.

If you have regular hay fever in the summer you may cope in various ways (or not).  I can help  you get rid of it for good.

Maybe you are pregnant and want to keep medicines really really safe?  Sensible decision and I can help.

Would you prefer a gentler approach to effectively deal with your children’s health problems? I can help here and I love treating children.

If you sleep badly you will always feel that life is a struggle. I can help you sleep better.

Or you know about Homeopathy and Naturopathy and choose this way through instinct ? Good move. Let’s get started….


I use homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplements and dietary advice in my individual treatment plans. Homeopathy is a brilliant tool that helps the body and particularly the immune system to heal itself. My aim in treating you is not just to heal an illness but to ensure that you are returned to a natural state of good health, so that illnesses become far less likely.

Homeopathic Medicine for Babies, Children and Elderly

Homeopathy for Babies and Children

Babies and Children respond very well to this system. Homeopathic treatment in these early years results in healthier young people who need less medical intervention later.

Homeopathy for Elderly

I have many elderly patients who find Homeopathic treatment invaluable in their daily lives. My own mother would never give up her daily remedy that stops her dizzy attacks, without which she would be house bound.

Consultation Process

You reach out

Give me a call or email me so that we can arrange a consultation.

First Consultation

The initial consultation can get lengthy and may last up to 90 minutes. I meet with you and hear what you have to tell me about how it all started and what it feels like.

Develop a Plan

After I have seen you I have a good long think about how to proceed, analyse the information we have uncovered together so that I develop insight and a plan.

Remedies & Follow Up

I send you my Homeopathic remedies and we arrange a follow up appointment in 3-6 weeks according to the nature and severity of your problem.


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