Client Testimonials

Angela, Cirencester said:

Katrina’s calm approach and careful listening was very welcome at the time I visited her. She has since prescribed a treatment that has had good results. I also appreciated the speed at which she posted the treatment which arrived the day after our consultation.

Joanna, Minchinhampton  said:

I love Katrina’s approach. She is not only skilled and attentive as a homeopath, she also really listens with kindness and wisdom.  This combination plus the fact that she is clearly knowledgeable about minerals and supplements means that I most definitely feel that I am in very good hands.  She has totally turned around some of my symptoms very impressively.  I have recommended her very highly to many people and will continue to do so.

Lillian, Cirencester said:

I just wanted to write and thank you for all the help, patience and work you have put into treating my son age 6.
You may remember I came to you feeling deeply frustrated and concerned about his eczema and how it was affecting him. From the age of 8 months he had been prescribed constant steroid treatment and we became concerned about this. When his school teacher recommended you we were happy to try. I am glad to say that with persistence and easing through various remedies Andrews skin is vastly improved. I certainly feel so much better not subjecting him to to constant steroid use on his skin. We are so pleased and would indeed recommend you to others.

Pamela, Cirencester said:

You have helped my family and myself so much over the years that I would and indeed have recommended you many times. You are exceptional at what you do and I am very thankful that I have you in my life.

Noeleen, Bath said:

‘I am a qualified nurse and trained Homeopath myself, but now in retirement. I have a family of 14 who are totally committed to the natural healing power of Homeopathy.This, combined with the benefit of an hour each consultation to talk over physical symptoms and any emotional concerns whether adult or child reassures me.
I know that you are there to personally and confidentially safeguard their health and well-being.I know that you use totally natural healing remedies that are truly safe, non addictive, and with minimal damage to our environment…. These are all based on symptoms which are the body’s natural guide to health.
Thank you for your care and your professionalism…. it is a huge relief to Roger and I that you are so valued not only by us but by our daughters and consequently their families.

Liz, Cirencester

Katrina came highly recommended to me by two friends…..that says it all really! She has been absolutely fantastic in helping me with various issues. So friendly and easy to talk to which is so important when you are opening up about things which may be difficult to express. She is always on hand between appointments to advise if need be and she really is there for you. Thank you Katrina

Eleanor, Minchinhampton said:

Katrina has helped our family with several different health issues over the last 8 years.  She treated one daughter for a terror of dogs, and for warts on the hands, and the other daughter for anxiety which manifested in nervous habits and tics.  She has a great rapport with children and they respond very well to her kind calm manner.  In both cases she prescribed remedies very quickly after meeting the children, which were extremely effective.  She also helped me to overcome a period of insomnia and anxiety, again the remedy she gave me worked immediately and fully.  Katrina is extremely thorough, thoughtful and explains her thoughts on the remedies she is prescribing which I find reassuring and very interesting.  She also follows up after each remedy to ensure all is well (a very welcome service for forgetful scatty Mums).  I would certainly recommend Katrina very highly to anyone.

Clare, Minchinhampton said:

The consultation was extraordinary. I feel as though I have been treated with such kindness and respect, and really listened which seems to be so rare these days. I am sure it is all part of the process which is making me feel nurtured and cared for. Thank you

Jane , Cirencester said:

A note to say thank you for your dedication and support to Mum and me over the years. Your outstanding talent as a homeopath has solved and helped our various ailments and you continue to be our first port of call whenever we are unwell.

Rachel, Cirencester said:

I have been seeing Katrina for various homeopathic treatments, on and off, for over eighteen years. She has helped with specific physical ailments and for harder to detect emotional issues, which have often lead to physical symptoms, for both myself and my children. Her gentle, understanding demeanour makes her a very easy person to talk to, to help get to the root of your problem.
She has a wealth of knowledge of both homeopathic remedies and herbal medicines, which I find, help me aim towards a preventative approach to keeping healthy. Katrina’s approach is also very flexible and down to earth, and she will try her hardest to help homeopathy work for you.

Sarah, Chalford said:

A visit to Katrina is always an interesting experience. Her warmth and openness put me at ease and I often find myself discovering so much more about my ‘symptoms’ and what is going on for me health wise. Her attention to detail and the space to talk is so helpful…..and I have found her capacity to find the right remedy for me really rather magical! Love her!

Jill, Sherston said:

I have been seeing Katrina annually for a pre winter boost for the last seven years. I find her very helpful and easy to talk to. She understands my particular physical weaknesses and her remedies have proved beneficial for me. I am certainly happy to recommend her.

Janet, Cirencester said:

I am most grateful to Katrina for her guidance and sympathetic ear and I feel much better since consulting her….long may it last! I am doing very well for now but she gave me some more of the remedy to use another time if my problem returns and I am grateful for that. I will certainly contact her again if I need to. Many thanks.

Jane, Avening said:

I certainly benefitted enormously from your wonderful treatment and kind, attentive and sympathetic listening and understanding. I will have no hesitation in returning for more if and when I need it.

Catherine, Cirencester said:

I was pretty fed up during the menopause suffering from flushes and also repeated UTI’s.
Katrina gave me a remedy for me that worked very well for the flushes and not long after stopped my UTI’s too which is such a blessing. I often tell people about her.

Anthea, Tetbury said:

I consulted Katrina via a friend to try and get some help for my baby daughter who seemed so unsettled and did not sleep much. I am so pleased I did as she is much more content now and we all sleep through the night. Thank you Katrina.

Mary, Cheltenham said:  

No one could briefly give a full picture of how Katrina can help you physically and emotionally.  As an older woman both have helped especially during a time of bereavement and the big challenge of moving.
But ageing brings its own challenges “where you are in life" and I already valued Katrina for the support she and her remedies gave me….they are your friends at 4.00am!  I am grateful for the confidence they gave me if wobbling in health or emotions.
Katrina’s father was a GP and she has respect for everyday medical care but with a rather bigger background than now they have time to offer.