Homeopathy helped me get well after a decade of ill health in my thirties.
Eventually my diagnosis was ME, but there was and still is very little effective treatment for this debilitating condition that often strikes younger and busy people so unexpectedly.

I had two very small children at the time and life was hard because I felt so ill.

I was sent by my GP to see various specialists and all tests came back as
normal, I felt so dispirited with the realisation that no one could help me.
Eventually my enlightened GP suggested I consult a Homeopath, which I did without much hope or enthusiasm.

However, three months later I knew I had really turned a corner and was feeling a lot better. It took a further year to return me to something approaching how I used to feel when I was well but I am sure that this would never have happened without the treatment from my own Homeopath.

Later my trusty GP and I were reviewing my good progress and he suggested I train as a professional homeopath myself. I took his advice and subsequently qualified with The British School of Homeopathy in 1998 after 4 years of study.

I am Registered with the Alliance of Homeopaths and comply with their strict code of ethics and professional standards.

Because food and nutrition is such a fundamental root of all health and wellbeing I chose to follow up my lifelong home study and took a course in nutrition, qualifying as a Nutritional Practitioner in 2007. 

I have recently become a Neals Yard Organics consultant, and offer their complete range because I have such confidence in the company. These healthy, and ethical-award winning remedies and beauty products can help you feel pampered and healthier still. Please visit my Neals Yard Remedies Organic website for more details. 

Over the past two decades I have been using all these elements of healthy practice in both my personal life and to treat and help my family. We have all found them to be highly effective and that is why I confidently recommend them now.